Friday, September 30, 2005

Quick I hate you

...You wear a scarf in September when it's 60 degress only in the morning. I swear I can't even count how many people were wearing scarves this morning, it's about 62 at 8 in the morning so somehow that warrants a scarf? It shouldn't bother me, yet it does. The scarf this morning bothers me more than the guy that breaks out shorts in March when we get that one day that is kind of nice. Actually, wait, i hate you both equally.


jessie said...

It was 47 degrees out here this morning and i didn't feel the need to put on a jacket. The guy who pulls out the shorts for that one day is the same guy who wears them up to his nipples and has had those same pair of shorts since the 1960's!
here's a nice little trick for the scarf wearing dickheads, if you happen to be standing next to one and have something to catch the end if it on, do so and stand back and watch. its really funny and teaches them a lesson. Works really well on those people who wear the scarves that go on for miles!

elvira black said...

I think some peeps are just eager for an end to a horrible NYC summer and are looking forward to fall in their minds. But I don't wear scarves till it drops to about 30 (or 30 below).

Doofi said...

I break out the scarf at 273 Degrees Kelvin myself.