Friday, October 07, 2005

Online Hating

...You run an online dating website. So in an effort to further my online dating study I created a profile and even tried to post a picture. Well, to be honest in my thorough analysis I happened across quite the attractive and interesting young lady so I felt inclined. Now, in order to contact someone, you really need a profile so I wrote some stupid garble, yet for some reason I’m not able to put spaces between paragraphs or even start a new one for that matter, perhaps I’m profile retarded but mostly it’s the website’s fault, naturally, although everyone else seems to be able to put spaces….anyway, so my picture keeps getting rejected too, it’s a simple pic of me with my nephew, obviously a nice touch to have the kid in the picture, but really it’s the only recent one I could find. So I tried to post it like 10 times, then I thought, well maybe I can’t have the kid in the pic, so I cropped it. still rejected. Then I send an angry I hate you email to their support center and told them their website sucks and that they just made the blog. I check my email this morning and they got me back, I had roughly 147 emails from them saying I’m sorry but your photo could not be posted. After deleting the now spam, I continued to receive 5 emails every 10 minutes and had to block their address with an outgoing message saying, I hate you. actually use corporate speak in your online dating profile. I read through a lot of profiles, well blonde’s profiles anyway. There are an inordinate amount of girls out there that actually speak in corporate speak, it’s really disturbing. I’d say 45% of the profiles said “I work hard and I play hard” I hate this saying more than anything. I guess it’s technically not corporate speak, but it’s awful. Yes we all work hard, our corporate slave drivers see to it, so don’t ever ever ever ever mention work when it comes to dating or enjoying yourself. Working hard is not something to be proud of, maybe it’s just a NY thing where people are more money obsessed than elsewhere, what you should brag about is, I barely work, I make a shit load of money, I’m out by 530 everyday and never work a weekend. now that is something to brag about people. And you don’t play hard if you go out drinking until 4 or 5 in the morning, that’s not a skill, it’s called the weekend. Beat it, I hate you.

...You are the girl that inspired me to actually go through the process of setting up a profile, find a picture to post and run my experiment in the name of the science of course. So I go through all this trouble because there was one cute girl that seemed funny and sarcastic, did I mention cute? So anyway, I battle with this stupid posting business, my stupid “intro” where I have to talk about myself and blah blah blah only to finally have this up and running 2 days later. I go to where I saved this girls profile and she removed it. great. Perfect. Doesn’t she realize the future of this blog rests in her hands? No of course not, you selfish, selfish girl, I hate you.

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