Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wag the Hate

...You say there is a specific threat of a time, place and method of an attack on the subway, yet provide no details on time and no details on place and only allude to a method, which is obvious anyway. How about providing some useful details like, which subway line or how about for the remainder of the day, week or month? If you trying to avert an attack, nothing works better than if there is no one there to be attacked. Kind of reminds me of that immenent attack on the Citigroup building 2 yrs ago. Keep in mind this blog was sponsered by the color orange, the letter I, the number 8 and the letter U.


jj said...

...i hate you if God talks to you and tells you to kill innocent people.

jessie said...

i find conspiracy theories interesting myself and i don't trust the government so i would say it's the governments way of population control, but hey thats just me. i wouldn't be riding the subway anytime soon though if i could avoid doing so.

Doofi said...

when the polls are hurting, nothing helps like a little terrorist threat. The sad thing is that this is a story of the boy who cried wolf. When there is a serious threat or an attack does happen, no one will be believe the warning because of all these false threats. We have stupid stupid stupid stupid arrogant people running every branch of government.