Thursday, November 17, 2005


...You said "What we're hearing now is some politicians contradicting their own statements and making a play for political advantage in the middle of a war”. But it is absolutely no problem to mention 9/11 about 50 times during an acceptance speech for a presidential election? Apparently there was no opportunism there, apparently you have an affinity for newspeak as well, I hate that, but what I am doing is taking this opportunity to hate every Tom, Dick and Bush.

...You said of people questioning the war, "one of the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city." Well Dr. Evil, I don’t think you holding secret meetings with your energy pals about how to profit from taxpayer money is reprehensible at all. I mean think about it. An energy task force, never has it been headed by a VP or Pres. therefore, the minutes of these meetings have always been available for the public, as they should. But you with a stroke of pure evil genius decided to head that task force yourself so you can claim executive privilege and never release the minutes to the likes of me, brilliant old chap, brilliant. I have an idea, I am in need of finding some new people to hate, I’m going to ask you to head a committee to find that person, but in the end, just like the VP, I know you will choose yourself.

...You have a gay daughter yet prey on people’s fear of gay marriages. Seriously I don’t know how you can stand to wake up in the morning, granted I think you are actually dead and a robot has been used in your place even before the 2000 “election”. Your own flesh and blood is gay, but you evil one, you scared a bunch of red necks to think that somehow if your own daughter was able to be married, it would threaten billybob from getting married and divorced 7 times, fathering 8 illegitimate children and from sleeping with his first cousin, which he obtained a court order to do. I, on the other hand, I obtained a court order to hate you.

...You are DICK Cheney. I know it didn't need to be said, but words cannot express my hatred of such an evil person. Dick, in what military unit did you serve? Oh that's right you didn't you had "better things to do with your time." I wish I was making that up. How fucking dare you call any human being on the face of this earth unpatriotic? You had better things to do than serve in Vietnam? yeah I would have dodged to, but I'm not the asshole calling people unpatriotic for not wanting to fight your goddamn war. Not even a just war, its a fucking religious crusade. Maybe if those better things to do included history lessons we wouldn't be in this mess. I think I've found the answer to an earlier hate, people named Richard choose to be called DICK for good reason. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Dick Cheney you have officially been hated.


Anonymous said...

you are soooo anti-american, unpatriotic, and probably a communist. if only McCarthy were still alive.....

-Seacrest Out

elvira black said...

So many evil politicians to hate, so little time.

jessie said...

i cannot stand politicians! maybe if we stopped paying them so much damn money to screw up things for everyone else they'd start working for us! isn't that what our tax money does?, pay them to work for us? i have a friend who refers to the bush administration as the antichrist and refuses to spell bush's name correctly, spelling it busch- as in drunk!