Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hating In America

...You immigrate to America and then complain about our culture. So you want to come to the US, get a good job, have a “better” life, but then you don’t want to adapt to our customs? In America, we don’t bargain over prices, whatever it costs is what you pay, that’s the beauty of this country business owners are so rich they don’t have to actually sell to you, they only have to hate you.

...You were some kind of engineer or Dr from the Middle East or Eastern Europe, and now you either drive a cab or make pizza. Was this your American dream? You missed the ride on that train, the glory days are gone. You need to come here already rich otherwise, you best be getting used to full cavity searches and driving over privileged assholes like me from bar to bar to bar blowing my easy earned money on hating you.

...You are American and are “guarding” the border of Mexico, shooting immigrants as they try to sneak into the country. Why the fuck do you care so much about some poor Mexican that wants to come to this country only to serve you? You realize there are limited jobs they’ll do, but no matter what you benefit tremendously and it will cost you is a slightly higher tax bill to pay this guy’s medical bills when he’s dying which unfortunately for him will be in about 15 years seeing as your life span is about 85 while his is maybe 50. So keep shooting and arresting them, then your children can work the slaughterhouses, clean hotels, deliver food and laundry and anything else I want to my door where I’ll be hating.

...You say the US should end immigration. Yes the country of immigrants should end immigration. The whole point of the US is to attract the best and the brightest from throughout the world, some of THE most important and influential Americans were immigrants. Not to mention, your family once immigrated to the US, unless of course you are Native American, which you can’t be because they were all killed by immigrants like your family or run casinos that take your money and hate you.

...You are trying to get to the US as a mail order bride. You post pictures on online dating sites and say in your profile, me like American men. You are either in Asia or Russia, no where else. You could of course use more traditional mail order bride services, like becoming a prostitute first, oh wait that’s exactly what you are doing. Then you get here and your new husband is a complete oaf and you’re actually kind of hot and then people look at him and laugh and snicker and then they look at you and hate.

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