Friday, November 04, 2005

Mr. Hate Goes to Washington

...You speak in “sound bites”. I just can’t stand by doing nothing on this anymore, now I’ll stand by still doing nothing, but will hate. That surely helps right? Apparently we are too stupid to have rational thoughts and process complex subject matters that may not be black & white. Thank you oh great materminds for brilliantly whittling down you’re entire arguments to catch phrases like stay the course, mission accomplished, blame game, democratic stunt, hate you.

...You have ever hired Haliburton with a no bid contract for US government jobs. So is there anything this company doesn’t do when it comes to government projects? I mean they’re an oil company, a trucking company, a levee building company, they can serve meals to soldiers, they can lose $14 Billion in the blink of an eye….I mean is there nothing this company won’t do? Pretty soon we’ll see Haliburton get into the hating business.

...You have ever said the jury is still out on evolution and global warming. Evolution is science, creationism is make believe or what you call theology. Creationism should not be uttered in SCIENCE , why? Because it has nothing to do with science. You see, there is biology and there is theology, different subjects, different discussions. Global warming, yes those evil scientists have actually been able to study the temperature changes of the earth, going back 100’s of thousands of years, and can see an unnatural shift in the climate. Not to mention the obvious evidence of the past 30 years. I know none of this even makes sense to you, it’s like an adult trying to have an intelligent conversation with a 7 year old, you simply can’t rationalize anything. Call me a liberal elitist if you must, but the jury is not out on me hating you.

You think that gay marriage will lead to people marrying animals. You know in the northeast we don’t exactly have a problem with people raping their farm animals, maybe that’s something you see regularly, but even breaking that down, it’s completely irrational. I just don’t see how you go from same species marriage to inter species non human marriage. The fact that your mind would even think like that really scares me, what kind of sick person would you have to be to think that’s where a gay marriage will lead. You should really be protected from the rest of society not hated by it.

You run a campaign based on the notion that you intend to restore honor and dignity to the white house. The last I checked honor and dignity would not include indictments, inept appointees, cronyism, lying, Haliburton, aiding deficits, starting religious wars, having a weasel laugh or being hated by me.

You were a weenie all throughout your childhood and grow up to be the emperor. I’m talking about you Karl. It’s obvious to everyone that you were the kid that had a note to be excused from gym class, your parents wouldn’t allow you to attend sex education class, you managed the JV basketball team, you were/are a master puppeteer and you won the science fair every year. I’m not saying being smart is a bad thing, it’s just when you use it for pure evil, but I’m using my smarts for pure hatred.

You think I’ve ruined the blog by making it political. Well some things are just worth hating, kind of like you.


jessie said...

hit the nail on the head there! careful, big brother may be watching!!!LOL!

elvira black said...

I love it!

As far as gay marriage, the same hullabaloo happened half a century ago re: interracial marriage. Leave it to the religious right to put their big nose into everyone else's biz. Meanwhile greed, lying, and sending troops over to die under false pretenses is perfectly ok--as long as you don't have sex! Sex--very bad!

Doofi said...

when sex becomes very bad - i leave the country or jump off the brooklyn bridge. Damn you churchies...