Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yours, Mine and Hate

...You make a movie or TV show and think it will be better if you can add even more kids. First we were blessed with the Brady Bunch, then we had Just the Ten of Us, I'm sure there was a bad show in the 90's, then a kiddie movie with Steve Martin - Cheaper by the Dozen. Now the suits in Hollywood are pushing the envelope even further. 18 kids? Are they even trying anymore? Maybe there is a secret hollywood code to make movies and TV progressively worse. Some rich guy that knows nothing about movies has a bet with another rich guy that knows nothing about movies to see who can produce the worst money while making more than other. So today the Simpson's was interrupted by a commerical for a retarded movie where Dennis Quad has 8 kids and marries Rene Russo who has 10. What a genius concept you annoying people. I especially the clip where they are all standing around the answering machine trying to leave a message with all there that's Adoooooorrable. Now apparently new answering machines have time limits? Do people still even have answering machines? Do people even still have phones? Isn't it all voicemail and cell? Hollywood, I really loathe you, I have everything you make, I have every recycled idea, I hate movies where kids just play on the screen. I'm not a kid and I can't say I watch kids movies, but come on give the kids something to watch instead of how maany kids can this family have...or in my case, how many kids can this blogger hate, well for starters YOU.

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jessie said...

can't stand movies like that! and i refused to watch cheaper by the dozen so rest assured that the dennis quaid movie will make no money from me either! how unorigional! losers.