Monday, December 19, 2005

Metropolitan Transit Hate

...You work for the MTA and are about to go on strike. If I was at my last job I wouldn't have minded as much, it was only 30 blocks away, but now? Oh god, I've got about 4 miles each way to walk and since I'm such as selfish bastard, it's 20 degrees outside and it's all about me, I hate you MTA.

...You work for the MTA and are about to go on strike because you want a pension. And I'd like a 10 inch penis but some things just aren't in the cards. Why the hell should you get paid when you no longer work? Wait what am I saying, I sound like a Republican, but you know what? I won't ever get a pension, and neither will you, you'll get my hate.

...You are the MTA and are more concerned about people spilling a cup of coffee than keeping the trains running. You randomly close subway entrances making me have to go out of my way to get in. You project massive deficits yet somehow come year end you find a $900 million dollar surplus, well I've got 900 million hates, for you.

...You are the Federal government that drains tax dollars from NY and the Northeast while allowing our mass transit systems to crumble all because you want to make sure Jim Bob keeps his farm in Nebraska for another generation where you pay him to NOT grow food. Here's an idea, let us pay our ridiculous tax rates and actually benefit from the services instead of just hating.

...You are naked gym guy. Nothing to do with an impending strike, but COME ON. This is just getting ridiculous, there's no reason that I should be seeing more naked men than naked women in my life. No reason!! What's with the hands on the hips, wearing socks, and then arching your back pushing your twig and berries out as far as possible where they get nothing but hate.


elvira black said...

Twig 'n' Berries--that's that new cereal, right?

For my latest post,I'm asking everyone to kvetch about something in the comments section. Come on over here, won't you? Baby, I need your hatin'!

PS: Speaking of which: could you be my guest kvetcher?

Mary said...

From New Orleans: I hate you if you have no idea that a blinking yellow light means "Proceed with caution". Yep, that's what it means folks. Blinking red means "Stop". Blinking green means "Go" and Blinking yellow means NOT STOP...NOT GO... BUT PROCEED WITH FUCKING CAUTION, YOU NIMROD!!! Driving around New Orleans is an adventure under the best of circumstances, but since many of the traffic lights are temporarily set up as blinking red and blinking yellow, if you come to a complete stop for a blinking yellow, you potentially cause a six car pile up behind you!!!! Then you meander through the intersection oblivious to the six dented cars and their pissed off drivers in your rear-view mirror. Now you have achieved "high-beam hate" from all six!!! (not to mention their insurance companies).

JLB said...

Hey! I want to see naked guys at the gym! And dont get me started on the TWU. They are KILLING my xmass shopping- bastards.

Doofi said...

You definately DON'T want to see these naked guys.

Twig n berries IS a new cereal, you can find it right next to frankenberry crunch, it's delish. Explain Kvetching and I will gladly kvetch for hours and hours and hours and hours....then I'll hate.

I wish I still did enough driving to hate appropriately, for now all I have are 10 or so years of being an avid driver...look for more to come

jessie said...

maybe you should type out a hate sign and put it on the door to the locker room so he gets the hint.
yeah the MTA thing sucks, my cousin has been sending me bitch e-mails about it. she's about 3 miles from her job and often works late hours so she's walking home in the bitter cold night. hopefully it'll end soon and life can resume some normality.