Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We got the hate

...You are on the subway and are hugging the center pole. Dude seriously, the 40 people crammed into this tiny space would all like to hang on to that pole, that’s why it’s there. I realize you have a latent desire to ride a pole, but there are clubs for that, the subway at 8:30AM is no place for it, it’s only a place for hate.

...You refer to making copies or sending mass emails as a “project”. Yes quite a project that any person age 7 and up can accomplish. Let’s see I give you a list of names, and you have send an email to them, yep that’s a project all right, why don’t you make that a bullet on your resume so you can a new job, get away from me, and stop being hated.

...You walk with some sort fake limp because for whatever reason you think that’s “cool”. Hey buddy, you’re not “ghetto” or “gangsta” you’re from the suburbs and are fairly well educated. I don’t understand this fascination with pretending to be poorer and dumber than you actually are, why on earth would you want to pretend like you live in a roach infested housing project living on government cheese when you live in a nice house with a yard and never have to worry about money. That’s why people are “gangsta” they’re dirt poor and have no other option. But seriously the limp thing? Kids were doing that when I was 14, I’m 28 now, get some new ideas of what’s “cool” or I’ll just have to keep hating you.

...You place an order at a deli or at similar take out feeding establishment. You order, see a large crowd around the counter waiting, each with lower numbers than you. You then proceed to push your way to the front even though you are last on the list to get their food. You stand there getting in the way of 15 other people who now have to get around your fat ass just to hate you.

...You don’t reply to all when clearly you should reply to all. There are five people copied on this email, all people that need to know what’s going on and add their two pointless cents. There is a reason I cc’d them to begin with, but apparently you have no idea what that even means because you have ask what why there’s a cc. And forget the Bcc, that’s a concept that’s four years away from your understanding. I have a new one, it’s Bch, blind carbon hate.

...You use words that way too sophisticated for spoken language. The story as to why you use your first initial then your middle name then last name (as in C. David Douchebag), is not apocryphal – who the fuck uses that in daily conversation? How about the story is not interesting, not important, not worthy to be told in my presence? This first initial business is retarded too, the only thing worse is if its followed by III or IV and you went to an Ivy league school you inbred wasp. You are worthy of one thing in my presence and that is to be hated.

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jessie said...

if you can't figure out email you deserve to have your name put in the paper as an idiot! that makes me so mad. it's really annoying for me since i work from home and have to kinda rely on this from others who i network with! whew! if a person hasn't figured out basic operations of a computer within 1 hour, 2 if your slow, they have no business being behind one, they should be shoveling shit of flipping burgers instead!