Monday, January 02, 2006

Dark side of the hate

...You are in a shoe store, wearing a bow tie mind you, and ask the clerk to show the most expensive pair of shoes. You are the quintessential tool. This question defies all logic of reason and rational thinking. No matter how rich you are, you would never ever ever ask for the most expensive pair of shoes, who are you trying to impress here anyway, and it's not like it was even that great of a shoe store. You deserve to lose your job, lose all your money and get hated.

...You are a gypsey cab and try to charge me $30 to drive me 2 miles. Hey tard, I can wait for a yellow cab or even take the subway which is right here, it may be the middle of the night new years eve, I may be drunk but I'm not about to have you bend me over and I'm about to hate you.

...You tell me I smell like alcohal while sweating at the gym on New Year's Day. You know, I'd be remiss if I didn't smell like alcohol and an ash tray on new year's day while at the gym. I realize that your fat ass only comes to the gym one week out of the year, the first in january, give it up you pig, it's only going to get you hated.

...You may a new year's resolution to lose weight. If your losing weight didn't involve coming to my gym and taking up space, then I'd be fine with it. Tragically, you insist on going to MY gym, you stretch for 15 minutes right in front of the last available treadmill, you get on the thing, take 10 minutes to find a tv station, then you walk for 10 minutes and leave. What's the point of your existence, leave or be hated by me.

...You are a hot girl at a party and talk to me for about 3 hours, then decide to mention you are there with a dude, actually the dude decided to make his presence known. Um yeah so I spent a better part of this party talking to you, granted I did enjoy it, you are hot, you laughed at every joke and were interesting, but seriously, I could have been elsewhere instead of hating you. (If things don't work out with the dude, caaaall me)

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