Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Hate Also Rises

...You complain how everything requires a password and you can’t remember anything. Here’s an idea, make them all the same. It’s not that complicated and what are you protecting anyway? Work? You’re pretty protected there and no one is trying to hack into your computer for not at all important work. Unfortunately I have news for you, I’ve got your passwords and I changed everything on your computer to direct you straight to my hate.

...You were married for 15 years, got divorced and now refer to your ex as “what’s his name”. Are you in high school? Are you a child? No you’re 48 years old, grown adults can refer to past relationships and use actual names, no matter how awful it was. What kind of circus job was I at? Now that I left who is the new Ring Hater?

...You don’t know proper conversation etiquette. When two people are communicating, it is common for eye contact to be made. Typical conversation involves one person making a statement and then the other responds, comments or makes another statement thus starting a new line of statements. You see what I’m getting at here? If I have made my point or said what I’m saying, it’s now your turn, don’t just stand there smiling waiting for me to say something else. Don’t get me wrong I can talk and talk…..and talk, but I have two subjects I always get back to, one is myself, what better thing to talk about than me? The second is hating you.

...You tell the same stories over and over and over. Do you listen yourself? How long have you been telling these same stories? Do you think I’ve forgotten how you think your crazy neighbor is a terrorist? Which by the way, I don’t know where you came up with that, you said they’re Greek, somehow that’s synonymous with terrorists. Now that I’ve written terrorist three times, my blog will start showing up in a database of some kind, it’s only a matter of time now. You just can’t hate like you used to.

...You claim to be a true believer and follower of Jeeeessssus, yet you still value your worldly possessions, claim all people on welfare are lazy, cheat on your taxes and beat your kids. Do you get the pattern here? Unless you are Ned Flanders, you are a hypocrite. Religion is full of em and I hate you all.

...You walk in to a crowded place and see someone you know, then yell to them so everyone can hear. Oh you know someone? Oh you must be reeeeally cool, you are so popular, thank you for making that apparent to me now, because before I would have just thought you are a complete loser, but now; now I KNOW you are a complete loser that is hated by me.

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jessie said...

oh god, that whole religion crap reminds me of my sister in law! beats her kids, on welfare, and so on and talks about other people who who are just like her like they're a different class of losers! it burns through my soul to hear her speak about god and all knowing that's how she is! her and i hate each other passionately! she is such a hypocrite!