Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Brief History of Hate

...You have two last names for your name, for instance, Bradford Wentworth III. I can't believe you still exist, but you are out there at your country club with other white people that look just like you, playing golf with the same 3 white racist guys you've been playing with since before you were hated by me.

...You are buying instant lotto tickets at a bodega (a quickimart for those in the sticks). When you decided to make the purchase of an instant lotto ticket, that was bad enough, but at least know what you are buying before you get up to the register, or even know how much you want to buy. Everytime you decide to give your money away, you buy 3, then you get some change back and think, hmmm I haven't thrown enough money away yet today so I'll buy another $5 worth, but then that leaves you with a 10, so you figure why not just get rid of this too so then I can be hated.

...You hear there is going to be a snow storm and run out to the supermarket and buy enough food to feed your fat ass for 40 days. I would like someone to tell me when the last time was that because of snow, someone starved to death or that someone was stuck in their house for more than an afternoon. I'd really like to know when this happened, maybe the blizzard of '78? perhaps, but that was in like syracuse. No you'll be fine here, but you will get trapped in my hate.

...You are stocking up for that alleged storm and are a walking skeleton moving at a pace through the store that if I wasn't paying close enough attention, I'd think you weren't moving at all. How do you get through life? You must leave your aptartment at 10 in the morning to make a 4 o'clock appointment, 3 blocks away and I truly wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not, I'm just hating.

...You are a wild pack of foreigners riding the subway speaking at volumes that allow the deaf to hear. I had my headphones turned up as high as volume would go, yet I still couldn't hear the music. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a little deaf, well I just don't care what you're saying to actually listen, but you pack of foreigners literally screaming, yet speaking at normal decibals for your native tounge, are truly deserving of my hate.

...You are at the gym on a treadmill in next to the mirror and spend more time looking at yourself in the mirror than at the girl's wonderful ass in front of you. It's not as though you're gay, but I think you have a serious love affair with yourself. I think you get yourself all dressed up in your best clothes and go out for a romantic dinner for one, you come home and it's right to the bedroom for you and your lovely date, yourself. You need some help I can see that, I'll set you up on a blind date with my hate.

...You are the cute girl working out right in front of me, bending over, running, "stretching" or whatever it is your doing at the moment that is distracting me, then you notice me looking at you, which is really the only way I can look while running, straight ahead. So you notice me, give me a look of disgust as if to tell me I'm a pervert, which I am of course, but you don't know that, all you know is that I hate you.

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