Monday, February 20, 2006

The emperor has no Hate

...You are offended by some cartoon and feel the appropriate response is to kill people. Do you want to know why you are poor? Because you are nucking futs. It's a cartoon, a drawing, you want us to be respectful of you and tolerant of you, well you need to be respectful and tolerant of us. We tend to value something called free will which takes precedent over everything else. The reason why we are dominant and why we buy your oil which is the only thing that allows you to even eat, is because we have the right and freedom to make fun of you, to make fun of me, to love god or hate god, to be white or black or male or female to cover our face or not cover our face. You get it? For the past 500 years or so while you were trying to keep women locked up, the rest of the world grew up, it's time you get on board. You can make fun of me, you can hate my values, my faith or lack thereof, but you can still go about your business, what I think has no impact on your life and what you think has no impact on my life, we go about our business we live then we die, its beautiful actually. I understand that you will continue to feel its necessary jump up and down and burn a nation's flag because one guy made fun of your god, or prophet rather. Oh no, boo hoo, mommy someone called me a name, waaaaaa, you hurt my feelings. That's what you sound like except unlike a child, someone gave you guns and bombs. Until you decide that it's time to come to the grown up table, you have to sit in the kitchen with all the other babies that are hated.

...You are a completely inept adminsitration and refuse admit error, accept criticism, change or apologize. Intelligent people prefer to hear suggestions, ignorant people think they are all knowing. The all knowing types are typically unsmart and have to make up for it with force. You completely fuck up a war, you completely fuck up disaster recovery, you completely fuck up the supreme court, you completely fuck up our reputation in the world, you completely fuck up our balanced budget, you completely fuck up our surplus, you completely fuck the concept of fiscal conservative, you completely fuck up our right to be left alone, you completely fuck up the whole abide the laws of the country approach that we've used for the past 230 years or so and you completely fuck up my hate.

...You use the phrase "I accept responsibility". What the hell does that mean other than, I refuse to say I'm sorry because I'm not because I'm never wrong and all these people are idiots for thinking I could possibly make a mistake. This isn't religion here, when something isn't clear, you explain, you don't just say god did it. I have news, you ain't god, now say you made mistake and are actually sorry for it, show remorse, shed a tear something to say I'm human, but you won't you just be hated.

...You refuse to resign for making massive mistakes and misjudgements. Cheney you should resign, Rumsfeld resign, Chertoff resign, Nedermeyer - dead. Heads should roll (not in the literal sense of course) but this is gotten to the point of hilarity actually, its as though you are trying to fuck up even more just to see what you can get away with. You're not getting off that easy my friend, you will need to come and face the hate.

...You don't like my homage to president's day. Sometimes staying up until 6 in the morning drinking scotch and having 80's dance party USA, makes you want lay around the next day and pontificate as if someone gives a shit what I think. I love to hear myself talk or watch myself type, same thing. Manana I return to some good old fashioned hate of you.

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