Friday, February 17, 2006

I Hate You Like Crazy

…You are waiting in a long line then at some point realize that it is taking forever so you bail on it, but instead of just walking away you have to announce to all these strangers that it’s taking forever. So you feel the need to justify your actions do you? None of us really care what you do, kind of arrogant to think that, not to mention we’re not stupid, its obvious that its taking a long time and its obvious that you’re hated.

…You meet someone new an immediately you google them to find see what’s on the internet. What do you think you are really going to find? If this person had really done anything with their life, they certainly would not be talking to you., yet you feel that if someone doesn’t have at least 20 hits they are not worthy to know you, meanwhile you have about 50 hits of me hating you.

…You are my work nemesis. Yes I know you feel inferior to me because you are about 15 years older and the same title as me, with a smaller office. And you’re shorter than me so you have the whole small man thing going, and you have a moustache, sort of like the “evil” doofi. It’s okay to be inferior, and it is okay to be hated by me.

...You are standing at the bar, order your drinks and then continue to stand at the bar so no one else can get through. So you need that crutch of the bar do you? Could it be that you think you are the only one deserving of getting a drink, I think that's the case, but in reality you are just a another teabagger deserving of my hate.

...You decide to suddenly not laugh at my jokes while I'm standing at the bar talking to you. Yes I already ordered my drink, so now I'll stand here, interrupt people's conversations, make jokes, have them give me blank stares as if I told them some dark secret that no one wanted to know, keep other people from getting drinks because I already have mine, contradict my last hate, and then hate you.

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