Monday, March 20, 2006

The Hate Is My Oyster

...You are Alex Trebek. I know you really aren't smart, I'm on to your little game here Trebek. Just because you can read off some card that already has the answer, does not make you a know it all. Your snide comments and condescending demeanor, you should be exposed for the fraud you are, but all you are exposed to is my hate.

...You bring me refills of soda at a restaurant without asking me, then when the bill comes, you charged me $5 for every soda. Is this legal? Seriously, I only wanted one, but you kept refilling them, so I drank them, but don't you have to tell me that you are charging, after all I told you that I hate you.

...You tell a waitress that you are ready to order when she asks, then proceed to open your menu and decide what to order. When someone asks are you ready to order, it doesn't mean are you ready to look at the menu to decide what you want to eat while I stand here scratching my ass? What it really means is, are ready for me to hate you?

...You break the law and then decide to circumvent any kind of conesquences by getting a new law passed that apparently applies retroactively in order to exonerate you from any type of wrongdoing, i.e. criminal prosecution. So when a Democrat gets back into office 40 years from now, are you going to roll over with your ass in the air like the Dems are doing now or are you going to get hated?

...You have a tip jar at your cash register. How did it get to the point that everyone has a tip jar? Why does a pharmacy have a tip jar? What are you doing that deserves a tip? The liquor store? Tip jar. Based on this precedence, I'm now putting a tip jar in my office, I expect tips whenever I answer a question, I'll start off with a tip of my own, I hate you.

...You are not married/engaged but wear a ring on your left ring finger. You're in your 20's, maybe 30's, you are a single woman, yet you are wearing a ring, granted it's obviously not a diamond, but when intoxicated or at a quick glance you are immediately written off as being hated by me.

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