Sunday, March 19, 2006

Responding Hate

...You post a comment on mason-dixon hate defending the south. The fact that you feel the need to ANONYMOUSLY leave comments defending yourself and "your people" tells me there is some sort of self doubt going on in your head, or perhaps embarassment or perhaps hate.

...You are offended by anything posted here, namely making fun of the south. In case you didn't notice, the entire blog is hate for people in north, in fact, the entire blog takes the time to meticulously detail each and every hate with several sentences, while mason-dixon was an experimental format of hating you.

...You state in your response to my hate that you are proud of your ancestors re-enacting a war they lost. So you are proud to be a racist? You do realize that aside from all the other reasons for going to war against your own country, "your people" were fighting to keep an entire race of people enslaved, treated as though they were property, if that's the culture you are proud of defending, then perhaps you should leave the country all together, before I actually do hate you.

...You make an assumption that my ancestors came to this country illegally and that I don't know my culture and my roots. I know that my ancestors came to this country legally, through ellis island, their names are on the wall. I know that when they came here, Italians were discriminated against by people like you. Unlike my ancestors who tried to act more like you, I hate you.

...You claim "the north is just a direction on the compass". I'm sorry, go anywhere in the world, speak to anyone from another country and what is the first place they think of when they think of the US? It's New York, it's the statue of liberty, it's the empire state building, it's a yellow cab drivin by some Arab guy, it's chinese family that runs a dry cleaner, it's a Mexican guy that makes pizza, it's an inter-racial couple that doesn't get dirty looks, it's a rich guy riding a subway next to an immigrant bus boy, no one thinks of Mobile Alabama, I'm sorry to say, just know that this blog was, up until the point you decided to make a comment, a joke. If you can't take a joke or look in the mirror sometimes and laugh, well then you have become hated.

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Doofi said...

I hate you if you post a comment that says, I'm not from Mobile Alabama. It's a point of reference, I know that it's hard to imagine something to be figurative rather than literal, kind of like you and bible. Not everything in this world is literal or black and white, if you weren't thinking that and now post a comment saying you would not have said that, well then I hate you more.