Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Saw a Hate Head sticker on a Cadillac

...You driving 40 mph in the left lane when there is no on in front of you for miles while the right lane is full of people driving 42 mph keeping you from being able to pass. I pull out every single hair of my head in frustration, do you not understand? I don't care if you're going the speed limit, if I want to go 80 move over and let me. Who has this much time anyway? Apparently you can drive and drive, no where to be, I don't even have anywhere to be, I just need to get past you so I can hate you.

...You have bumper stickers on your car that preach some kind of message. Choose Life, Choose Death, NRA, Jesus fishes all tell me that you are a complete moron. I guess some other bumper sticker on someone's car is how you came to believe in what you believe, not by rational thought or long process where you actually considered every angle of your "issue". You don't deserve to have that opinion, you only deserve to be hated.

...You are riding shot gun and feel you have free reign of the radio controls. Um I like that song, and even if I didn't I want it louder because I'm driving and I have ultimate veto power over any station, song, volume levels, temperature controls and hate.

...You send me something by inter-office mail when you sit in the office right next to mine. Was that whole walking next door just too much for you? I wish I was exaggerating, but sitting in the office literally right next to mine in no way calls for an inter-office mail, it calls for a hate.

...You call me at the office and leave me a message after 6. You know I have much better things to do than to wait around for your dumb ass to call me, you know you are walking on thin ice and on the brink of being fired, call me at hours when you know I'll be in or call yourself hated.

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