Friday, March 24, 2006

This bed is on fire with passionate hate

…You are filming a movie outside of my office and scream at me to say I can’t walk there. I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry, I’m going to lunch and now you’re telling me to move so you can shoot some awful adam sandler movie? This is my life here, I’m just trying to live it and this is my hate here, I’m just trying to spread it.

…You knock on wood, but instead of knocking on actual wood, you knock on your head. As if knocking on actual wood wasn’t pointless enough you go and hit your head. What is this accomplishing? Oh you haven’t been sick in three years, better knock on your head because doing that will definitely keep me from hating you.

…You are a vendor I use at work and speak to me in a condescending manner because you’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m just some kid. Buddy, if I’m still doing the same job 30 yrs from now, wait I wouldn’t because I would have jumped off a bridge by year 10. Working the same job tells me you either suck and couldn’t get anything else or you are challenged, that’s insult in case you don’t understand and that’s also a hate.

…You boo when Simon from American Idol gives his honest opinion. You would rather hear the two dumb dumbs explain how “you took that song and made it your own….dog”. I loathe this show, yet I can’t look away. It’s like when you see a really ugly person and just stare and stare to the point where they think you are intrested in them and then they smile at you and you have to explain that you hate them.

...You come into my office and see that I'm on the phone, I tell you I am going to be a while, you then proceed to come even closer to me to wait for me to get off the phone. Telling you I'm going to be a while is code for beat it. Coming closer to me while you wait, is like watching someone when they are trying to poop, I just can't perform with you standing there geting hated.

...You talk to people leaving only 3 inches of space between your stank ass breathe and my face. I don't know how you can go through life continuing to speak to people as though you are about to make out with them. That makes me extremely uncomfortable and it makes you extremely hated.

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