Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't hate there girlfriend

...You speak ebonics while around black people and speak proper english in the presence of white people. I don't care if you are black, white, arab or asian, please if you know proper english, speak it. You is not "connecting" with no one, you is stupid, you is fake and you is hated.

...You say "I don't care if you are black, white, green or purple" when trying to make a point that applies across "races". Yeah I got it paco, you are allegedly color blind, well you must be because I never met a green person or purple person, I've only met a hated person.

...You refer to people of different ethnicities as different races. Well we are all the human race and that's it, it's not like white people and black people and asian people are different species, we're all the human race, now come up with some other term or I'll hate you.

...You are still saying "talk to the hand" either as a joke or in an arguement. I think I heard a priest say this once, if a priest says it, its over, it's done, please stop using it, it's not funny, it's not "hip" as you are trying to be, it's only hated, just like you.

...You are speaking of a black person that is successful and say something with a hint of surprise or an "I gotcha" along the lines of, he's actually a lawyer. Oh actually? As if it were such a far fetched idea, such a surprise that a black man is a lawyer. You see, my hate is here for all to read, your hate is barried so deep you don't even realize it until I tell you I hate you.

...You say extremely racist (for lack of a better word) things in front of me assuming because I'm white, that I must feel the same way. I'm not talking about a joke, I can laugh at a joke about anyone, especially myself. What I'm talking about here are the people that are quite presumptious that just because I hate here that I hate like them, well its something like that, I don't hate like you, I actually hate you.

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