Monday, April 03, 2006

There's something about Hate

...You take your shirt off while at outside at any chance you get. Please don't be that guy, it's 65 degrees, yes it's very nice out, but it's lunch and you are walking around bare chested exposing your nipple ring and exposing my hate.

...You somehow have such poor aim in the bathroom that you pee underneath the urinal. How can you possibly miss the urinal, why am I seeing a pool of urine underneath it, do we need those urinals that go all the way to the floor like you had when you were in 3rd grade, back when you weren't hated by me.

...You are the person responsible for that 4 inch long pubic hair resting right on the edge of a urinal. Why are your short and curlies not that short and not so curly? Trimming is a matter of good hygene and hating is a matter of you.

...You drive with a pimp lean. Yeah rollin in your 6 four, you're tearin it up out there. Here's the facts Vanilla, you are white, you live in the burbs with your parents and you can barely read. You are not a pimp and you are not cool because you lean to one side with one arm on the wheel getting hated.

...You are my grandfather that told me to stay away from dirty girls as I was leaving his house and then my grandmother that said don't listen to him go out with some dirty girls. This a conversation not to be had with your 85 yr old grandparents, not today, not ever, these conversations should involve cooking me food, giving me money and hate.

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