Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The way you make me hate

...You say something tastes terrible and then ask me to try it. Ewww this drink tastes disgusting, here taste it. Oh yes please let me try that, pleeeeeeaaassssseeeee? Not only does it look like toilet water, but it must taste like judging but the look on your face. I think you know my response by the hate on my face.

...You call me and say, hi its me. Yes yes I know we all have caller ID, but what makes you think you are so special? I don't think we're on the hi its me basis quite yet, or ever for that matter. I do however, see us being on a hated basis very soon.

...You tell me that you are downloading porn and getting the jurgens when I call and say what are you doing. Figure of speech man, I don't really want to know what you're doing, you see there are some things you say and some thing you keep to yourself, guess which one this is? Right, right, hated.

...You have turkey neck. Can you please not move your head? That thing just flaps around like a flag blowing in the wind. How does that even happen? How does the neck eventually strech out like that? Here's a thought, don't eat those twinkies, get some surgury and get some hate.

...You use your crackberry in a movie theater. You know the no cell phone commercial? That applies to all electronic devices, their is a beautiful cancerous glow eminating from that thing which is reminicsent of the hate eminating from me.

...You are the dickhead that decided to add commericals to movies. You either never go to the movies yourself or you literally have a penis for a face. You must be sentenced to watched the equivalent of 7 years of commercials which serve no other purpose than to get me to hate you.

...You are a crazy lady in a movie theater that decided to get up and walk around as though you were in some kind of trance. I swear you even had the "I am possessed scooby doo" arms in front of you walk going on, I'm still frightened, and I'm still hating.

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