Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We come from the land of the ice and hate

...You are protesting to be treated as Americans, yet you wave every flag except an American flag. Do you understand why people hate you? In history, people came to this country and were proud of their new heritage, sure they maintained pride in their old countries, but they were just that, they're old countries, not their hated countries.

...You are adamently against immigration. I for one am all in favor of legal or illegal immigrants. Not many people work harder, four generations from now those families will have obnoxious, apathetic, twentysomething kids that spend half of their adult life trying to find themselves by hating you.

...You "walk out" from your job for a protest or supportest, whatever it's called, of immigration. Ok, this is NY, we like immigrants, we like the services they provide, the jobs they do, please come back to work, I need my food delivered, my dry cleaning delivered, I need a ride home, I need my apartment cleaned, I need my coffee poured and I need to hate you.

...You don't see the irony in you hating immigrants even though we're a country of immigrants. You see, we try to attract people that actually want to be here, they risk their lives to come here for a job, is that not the ultimate work ethic we cherish? The job goes to the hardest working, the one that wants it the most, not the person that is doing it as a temp job while they peddle their screenplay getting hated.

...You complain that immigrants took your jobs. You know who took your jobs? You did, 20 years ago, when I was a kid all people talked about was how in the future people won't have one career at one company their entire life, but will have about 10. You were warned. Get a job doing something, how the hell could go through life doing the same thing for 45 years, what kind of existence is it to push the same button for 45 years, even better, then expect to be well paid for that? It's an immigrant or a machine that's going to replace you, might as well help a poor guy out before he hates you.

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