Thursday, June 01, 2006

Venti half caf double skim sugar free ice HATE

...You order these ridiculous coffees in starbucks. At what point did you figure out how to even order that? It's not even on the menu, is it a secret menu? Can't we just make it, Venti Animal? and if you don't get that reference go to LA before I hate you.

...You are at that dude that must be Larry's clone. You're freaking me out, are you Larry? Why are you following me? You're looking at me as if you know me too, maybe you are Larry or maybe you're just hated.

...You are in Starbucks with your friend, you are both ordering the same thing, the guy behind the counter asks what you want, you order...just one, then 5 minutes pass the guy asks me what I want, your friend then interupts saying he's next and proceeds to order the same thing as you did and then gets hated.

...You ask me if I'm Hilell whateverstein. I don't know if that's someone "famous" or you're pickup line. Two things, I'm not gay, and I'M NOT JEWISH. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm saying that I'm not, that's all, I may look Jewish, yes, but pleeeeease stop stop stop asking or assuming, understand that I'm Italian - Catholic converted to Episcopal converted to Atheist converted to Pagan converted to Hater of you.

...You have crab cakes on a menu but then serve just one. Let me teach you a lesson in grammer, there is this concept called singular and plural. I asked for crab cakes you see, I expect multiple NOT one and I expect to hate you.

...You make a broadway play out of the wedding singer. Let's take bad movies from the 90's that making fun of bad movies from the 80's and turn it into a broadway musical. While we're at, we'll cast a lead that doesn't have a mullet which was the only good thing about the movie in the first place, well other than hating you.

...You continue to protest the war. Hey I don't like it either, but baby bush had to avenge his father, as if he were the green goblin or something. But I need to clue you protesters in on something, no one listens to you, they just hate you.

...You think CSI gives criminals ideas on how to get away with crimes. Well intelligence can't be everyone's thing and it certainly isn't yours. I can't believe this came up on the news and people really think that, I guess that's how you can stand to watch that show because it's written for dumb dumbs that are hated like you.

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