Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All in all you're just another hate in the blog

...You are searching for a spot at the beach and out of an entirely empty beach you have to sit right next to me. Not only did you sit next to me, your posse then proceeded to follow with about 45 people, I was literally swallowed up into your group and you were literally swallowed into my hate.

...You are a young woman that wears those sunglasses that are bigger than your face. They extend two inches beyond your face on either side, they start at about your upper lip and end mid forehead. I don't know if you realize but there's been some tough times in the clown accessory business, so one genius decided to convince an idiot that these are fashionable, and presto, you have a million hated clones.

...You are handing out fliers on the street. If there is another form of pointless advertising, I'm not aware. The best part is that you are standing in front of a garbage can, do you not watch people take your flier, then immediately throw it out? Then you get offended when I say no thanks? I'm not going to contribute to even more waste, but I will contribute to even more hate.

...You are lifeguards at the beach and feel the need to run into the ocean for no reason at all. Some guy is out about 5 feet too far, suddenly there are 8 lifeguards diving in for nothing else but to "show off" for the girl lifeguards that are standing by hating you.

...You ask me if I watched the world cup. Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm American, we don't watch soccer. I don't get this sport, they are supposed to kick each other, then every minute some ref is blowing his wistle because some guy accidentily kicked another guy, and all this to get 3 shots on goal and a score of 1 to 0, now that's excitement and that's hate.

...You continue to make comments when seeing me smoke outside a bar. Yes I saw the commercial with the guy speaking through a hole in his throat, I get it. But can we please for the love of god, institute a fat tax? A pack of smokes is pushing 8 bucks, a big mac is 99 cents, I don't fucking get it. Smokers will end up funding the fat person's quintuplet bypass surgery while the smoker will get spit on. If you made shit food actually cost more than fresh food, maybe we wouldn't have a problem of hate in this country.

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