Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hate on the fourth of July

...You are Oliver Stone and think everything is a conspiracy. There was no second gunman on the grassy knoll. There was no government plot on 9/11. Jimmy Hoffa is not buried in the Meadowlands, there was no alien autopsy at Roswell, Jim Morrison died because he was an alcoholic drug addict, and I hate you because you're naive.

...You are in awe of fireworks. Wow look at all the pretty colors, I'm 30 years old and think this is the greatest thing that ever happened. At what point to do you realize that this is retarded? 5 year olds can be amazed at it, and 80 year olds can be amazed at it. Other than that, you are so freaking hated.

...You make the outrageous claim that had Joey "jaws" chestnut won the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest, he would have changed the course of history for America. You are talking about an eating competition right? The fact that I found this could be even more astonishing than your statement and could be more astonishing than my hate.

...You think you are intelligent because somewhere around July 4th you say that America was founded by a bunch of rich, white, slave owning men that didn't want to pay their taxes. You know what, we all saw dazed and confused too, that's not your statement, you are not smart, you are not saying anything groundbreaking, and you are hated.

...You place more value in a mass produced flag than you do in everything for which it stands. What's with people in this country and the flag? Trying to amend the consititution, the piece of paper that details how our government will work and certain freedoms that will always be protected, you want to amend this to stop people from burning some nylon and cotton? Even our national anthem is just about the flag, our national anthem doesn't even say the name of our country. We had to pledge our allegiance to it every morning for 12 years to drill it into our heads like some kind of brainwashing mechanism. We have proper burials for flags, proper ways to handle them, to display them, but at the end of the day it's a piece of material and you're a piece of hate.

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