Sunday, July 09, 2006

Its my birthday I hate who I want

...You say you are coming out for my birthday and then bail. Yeah thanks, someone was at your party, yet you for some reason can't make it out for mine. Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty hated.

...You keep reminding that this is the last year of my 20's. Yeah fucknut, I get it, people get older, thanks for telling me that 29 is a dark year. At least I'm not 30, that's all I have to hate.

...You say you are coming to visit me for my birthday and then bail. What is it, every girl finds a reason to bail, karma's a motha fucka and always finds the absolute best time to get hated.

...You think I'm actually pissed that you didn't come out for the bday extravaganza. Yeah not so much, everday's a birthday when your a drunk, my goal tonight is to stay sober, now that would be something special and that would be hated.

...You are the unlucky lady that I will be hitting on all night of my birthday. I'm sorry in advance, I'm just kidding, but no seriously I'm sorry. And I wonder why I can't get all the girls I know in one room...yikes, and hate.

...You are me and say you have all these girls to invite out. Acting! Genius I know, one part imagination, 10 partys lying and 100 parts hate.

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