Thursday, July 06, 2006

Making hate out of nothing at all

...You see a sneeze guard at a deli counter and decide to go against protcol here and stick your sweaty snot ladden face directly into the food. Please sir, go right ahead, it's only called a sneeze guard in the figurative sense, unlike my hate for you.

...You trip while walking and look back as if to blame someone or something other than your lack of coordination and your big dopey feet. Look all you want, there is nothing back there other than me hating you.

...You are at a party, it's 1 AM, and "everyone" is out of smokes, yet somehow everyone is smoking. So we're all doing the same trick here are we, you ration off the last few for yourself, but claim to be "out" except this time, I really needed one and you really needed hate.

...You are extremely insecure at work and feel the need to constantly and minutely update the person in the office next to you, why you are so valueable. Dude, just like everyone else here before you, you are more than replaceable, you are hateable.

...You show up to a last minute party empty handed because the host said don't bring anything except for yourself. Yeah maybe you didn't get the memo, that's code for make sure you bring something you cheap fuck instead of getting wasted on free beer, being the first to crack open the whiskey, eating all the food, then outstaying your welcome by passing out on the couch and becoming the guest that wouldn't leave. This sounds all too familiar, because it's me and I'm hated.

...You are walking on the sidewalk and just leisurely meander from side to side, each time cutting off the impatient person behind you that only wants to get home. Look at these huge luxurious sidewalks, I can just sway from left to right and then left again. That's right, there's not one other person in this entire city, not one other person that doesn't hate you that is.

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