Friday, August 25, 2006

Every now and then I hate the living shit out of me

...I drive my entire family, my friends and my doctor completely nuts by insisting that I've been having heart attacks, I get all kinds of tests done only to prove that my heart is perfectly healthy, so now it must be lungs and must be my hate.

...I claim to be a completely laid back person and not give a shit about anything, yet I have an entire blog devoted to hating people like you and me.

...I rant and rave about how much I hate Joe Lieberman, yet I don't have the decency to even vote. Um yeah in case I didn't notice, I'm still registered to vote in CT, it's only an hour away and I'm only a hate away.

...I claim I'm going sober and barely make it a week. Isn't going sober compeltely stopping the use of alcohol? Right yes, so having a whiskey before bed, not good? Better not send me to AA, I already turned in the 1 week chip and the 1 week hate. I don't even know what that means, other than me being hated.

...I profess my hatred of reality TV, yet I find myself watching celebrity fat club, my fair brady and flavor of love at 2 in the morning. It's no wonder everyone at work says I always look tired, yeah well when you're up all night watching Next on MTV, you're not gonna sleep much and tomorrow night is a room raiders marathon so I'm not getting any better, I'm only getting hated.

...I refuse to take any kind of drugs prescribed by a doctor or even over the counter because they are "bad for me", yet I have absolutely no problem going out drinking a bottle of whiskey and smoking a pack of cigarettes. Hmmm, maybe I didn't get the memo that cigarettes are about the most surest thing of killing me, other than hating me.

...I go on and on about how bad corporations are and how working for the man is like selling yourself to the devil. Yeah corporations are terrible, they have al the money, but they rip the soul out of everthing, yet I work for the man, in fact, I am the man and I am hated.

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doc said...

I hate you if I've checked your blog for almost nine months straight and I just now notice it has crappy music. Either it's a horrible addition, a complete lack of recognition on my part, or just pure hate. I'm going with the latter.