Monday, August 07, 2006

This Hate Is Bananas; B-A-N-A-N-A-S

...You are standing on a down escalator right in the middle of the staris with your arms on each railing so no one can pass by and the pretend to be oblivious for 7 minutes it takes to go down one flight of stairs as I stand behind you and obnoxiously huff because saying excuse me would just be too easy. I'm not going to address the fact that you are standing on a down escalator, i'm just going to hate you.

...You were washing your shirt in the sink of a bathroom in Central Park. Havins some decency will you, some self respect. I could see if you are homeless, it's a struggle I know, but you were obviously not homeless, just bizarre and just hated.

...You are the three eruo-trash dudes walking around Central Park in full on club gear and club mode hitting an every girl, including those with their boyfriends. I particularly enjoyed the coreographed 3 man squat, elbow on the knee, hand to chin maneuver. It was as if Rodin had come back to life here in NY to create a live action version of the thinker and to create a live action version of my hate.

...You put a $ on every single number in a spreadsheet at work. You know, we're an American company, most likely we're talking in Dollars, but OK. The only numbers on the entire spreadsheet are Dollars, but OK. You can simply put a note at the top that says all figures are in US$, but OK. Wait, it's not OK I hate you.

...You are the textbook JAP that was sitting next to us at the park this weekend. I swear if I was writing a part for a JAP in a movie, this girl would be my only choice to play it. You very entertaining for the first 10 minutes, it's absolutely amazing how you can talk literally for 7 hours straight and say absolutely nothing of substance at all. It's also amazing that I sat there listening and getting dumber for having hated you.

...You are a dude that is laying on a towel in the park near...saaaaaay me; and you are wearing loose shorts and your balls are hanging out for the world to see. Of all the things I could see in the park, all the girls in bikinis, of all the wonderfully jappy girls, of all the hysterical meatheads that think their at a club, out of all these things, I had to be subject to sight of your brains hanging out. Well listen here son, you will now be subjected to my hate.

...You are Joe Lieberman. It seems the fine people of Connecticut read my blog all the way back on day two when I first hated Joe Republierman. Perhaps it was two month letter campaign to Joe telling him to leave the Democratic party that first gave him a clue that he ran out of joementum. Perhaps it was voting with the Republicans more often than not. Perhaps he tried to hard to show that he is religious, just like a Republican would. Perhaps he tried to hard to think we are still living in the 50's, just like a Republican would. Perhaps you are hated, just like a Republican.

...You don't go back to day two of the blog to see that I did in fact give Joe a Hate out. That's when no one was reading, ahhh somethings never change, but somethings are always hated.

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