Friday, September 22, 2006

Hate against the machine

...You are wondering why I am hating today when just yesterday I said I needed more time. Well today I was inspired by completely stupid headlines on yahoo and so....

...You release a "study" stating that breast implants are linked to suicide. Oh really, you think the people that are happy with their appearance and themselves go out and get breast implants? Perhaps your "study" should look at suicidal women and see how many have or seriously considered getting breast implants, that's like having a study released stating that eating more is linked to obesity, or releasing a study that states those that get blogged are found to be hated.

...You release a study claiming that smoking is linked to increase risk of HIV. Ok geniuses, I can't believe we spend money on pointless research. Let's see who are most of the smokers? People that drink, people that drink tend to make some bad decisions, bad decisions while drinking tend to be unprotected sex, unprotected sex leads to higher risk of HIV, there's your damn study for you, start paying me for this "research" and I'll stop hating you.

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