Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nightmare on Hate Street

...You are a woman and don't anderstand that your costume must start with the word sexy. You must understand that this is your night, your night to be a little whore, the little whore that you so badly want to be but are just a little afraid on any other day. You are cat? No no no you are a sexy cat. You are a witch? Think again you are a sexy witch. You are a Wearwolf, well now your just hated.

...You are a woman and have no business dressing up as sexy anything yet you still do. Can we please leave this to the girls that are actually sexy? Having a gunt and muffin tops does make sexy, I'm sorry it only makes hate.

...You are 17 and think you can still roam the streets begging for candy. When you are able to get your own job and buy your own candy, you longer have the privelage of going door to door with a stop & shop bag asking me to give you candy, if you do, I will only give you hate.

...You run out of candy and start emptying your cabinets and refridgerator of all the shit you no longer want. A three week old onion does qualify as treat, that's more of a trick in my book and the 7 year old canned peaches is more of a hate in my book.

...You ring my doorbell on Halloween to allegedly ask for candy, yet you are too cool to say trick or treat. Unless you say the magic words, I assume that I hate you.

...You don't wear a costume to a costume party. Maybe you didn't get the memo but costume party means you fucking dress up, you see everyone else that looks likes a retard? It's your turn and it's your hate.

...You dress up in a costume for work when no one else is wearing one and in fact, everyone else is wearing suits because you work in one of the last 3 companies that requires people to wear suits. Yeah this isn't fucking ramparoom here, we're so called adults here. I see Billy, and Susie, and Johnny, and Jenny, and HATE.

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