Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Global War On Hate

...You are my boss and tell me that you do not like the way I sit in my chair and must stop. Is this fucking legal? Is my posture indicative of the work I perform? I really don’t think that has anything to do with my performance, but it has everything to do with my hate.

...You are my boss, see me working and make the comment, oh you do do work. Oh I actually work huh? I guess showing up everyday to listen to your paranoia isn’t enough of a job in itself? And what about my work, the work I do then you tell me not to do because that might actually be a good thing for the company at which point you think your boss will ask, well if it’s so good for the company, why didn’t we do this before? If it’s so good for the blog, why didn’t we hate you before?

...You are my boss and come to my office to tell me to come to your office (don’t even bother with that) and see that I am eating a yogurt. As I proceed to finish the last spoonful of yogurt, you stand there in utter amazement that I would actually rather eat that last bit of food than to come running to your office about your next paranoid scheme and my next heart felt hate.

...You are my boss that decides to have a “conference” and I use that term lightly, plans the even and schedules the event without anyone’s input, namely mine, then hands out a schedule that happens to have me giving a presentation the next day. Were you planning on telling me that one lady? I know you would love nothing more than for me to fail, but little did you know, I make presentations for fun, I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast, I actually do eat pieces of shit for breakfast and I hate you for lunch.

...You are my boss that comes to my office every day and says, you better not be interviewing or I’ll kill you. hmmm, let’s see what’s wrong with that statement shall we? I better not be interviewing, ok, so pay my ass. I’m even saying you should pay me what I’m worth, I’m saying take that 2 million you made last year, now cut in half, now you give it to me for the pain and suffering, then maybe, just maybe would I consider staying through the end of the year. Take the second half of that statement, or you will kill me, what if I leave, which is what you really want, you will murder me, perhaps you are confusing that with me hating you.

...You are my boss that runs the office like the bush administration. I’m only allowed to tell you good news. If there is a mistake, I have to find a way to prove that it wasn’t your fault, then pin in it on the most junior person, then fire him. I can’t have any independent thought in any way, shape or form, if we don’t already do it, we can’t change now. Money? Ha, you’re going to pay the dumbest people the most money so they will never challenge you, never have ambition, never expose that you know nothing and always expose that I hate you.

...You are my boss that yelled at me for receiving a cell phone call after 5:30. You know it’s after business hours, I don’t mind being here to get my job done, well yes I do, but if someone calls, I’m going to answer the phone and no I’m not telling people that they call my office phone so that you can pull my phone records to see that I was using a company line to make personal calls. Try checking my internet usage records, then you can see that I hate you.

...You are one of the espionage bobblehead yesmen my boss sends around the office to check the status of my whereabouts. YES I’m in my fucking office and YES I’m fucking working, if you call writing about hating you working. I know you are checking on me to please the insane one in the corner office because you suck and you are not marketable and you are hate.

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