Thursday, July 19, 2007

Five Alarm Hate

...You assume that if anything happens in NY it must be the terrorists. So we all know that nothing has been done to stop the terrorists, but accidents are going to happen, 100 year old pipes will sometimes burst, sometimes the gas is left on, once in a while propeller planes crash and everyday I hate.

...You see a freak accident in the street and the first thing you do is reach for your cell phone. Oh you better get that on camera, get your 12 second clip that shows nothing but a blur, then post it on youtube. Thank god every single person has this technology, I don’t know how we would get by without useless blogs of nothingness, less than amateur quality video and an endless supply of hate.

...You see steam, smoke and fire bursting from the ground and relentlessly try to get a closer look. I think more people were injured by other people trying to get a closer look at the injured people. Why don’t we all have ourselves a nice look at the disaster, try to find people we know and then we can all be properly hated.

...You are reporting on some sort of tragedy and in your little info area on the TV screen you write “no deaths reported yet”. YET? It’s like a game, what kind of death toll are we getting on this one. How many can you count? I see one…two…thr- no that person is still alive, come on, where’s three, where’s three? Where’s you and where’s hate?

...You call people to ask if they are okay after a very localized tragedy that you know has not affected the person you know. Yes we all want to feel like we are close to the action, but seriously, this is just annoying. Hey, I just heard there is a forest fire in California, everything okay over there in New York? What? While I am clearly exaggerating my point, you know I don’t live anywhere near it, I don’t work anywhere near it, so please let me get on with my hating of you.

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