Monday, September 17, 2007

Now that's what I call hate Volume 243

...You tell me that you had floor seats to an Interpol concert and then after I tell you the location of my seats you tell me you wouldn’t have even gone if they were that bad. That bad? At least I had a seat and didn’t have to stand through the shitty version of mazzy star that opened. If there is any band where I wouldn’t expect to find douchebags that brag about having a ticket that cost $10 more than mine, it would be at Interpol, but instead I found you, and then I found hate.

...You repeatedly call me chief during an afternoon of watching football at a local watering hole. Getting chief’ed once is bad enough, but to abuse such a word is a disgrace and an insult. I’ve been chief’ed once before….ONCE, you don’t want to know what happened to that guy? (read: nothing) Grown men, do not call other grown men chief, you dig? Perhaps you think I am younger than you because I look like I’m 20, even so, don’t assume or I’ll hate.

...You created the Dolce & Gabana ads for any men’s magazine. I’d really like to know why someone seems to think that in a men’s magazine we should find pictures of a naked man in what appears to be a cod piece. This apparently is how cologne is sold. This is how D&G is attracting men to buy cologne, I see. I completely understand the dynamic of really selling to men’s girlfriends and also to gay men, but I really must say I don’t want to be reading an article about politics or sports and then flip the page to full page cock ad and full page hate

...You are the Richard Marx clone at my office. You are the same guy that has a mix tape of love songs, one of course including Hold On to the Night. By mix tape I of course mean an actual tape and not a playlist. If you still look like Richard Marx, then you still only have a tape deck. I’m not exactly sure what the worst part of this situation is, you looking like Richard Marx, me knowing who Richard Marx is, me knowing a song by Richard Marx, you now singing that song in your head, me hating you.

...You say chocolate is addictive. No you’re just fat. You see most people have the ability to know when they’re full, and that’s when they know to stop eating. You on the other hand, make any and every excuse to eat. Just because the chocolate industry funded a study to prove the health benefits of chocolate, doesn’t make it a health food and it doesn’t make it an all you can eat food, it only makes hate for you.

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