Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Back Into Hating Again

...You blow your nose into a tissue or napkin and then once you are done honking, you pull it away from your face, spread it open and have yourself a good looksie. Upon revealing the wondrous treasure inside your semi unfolded tissue you give a look of either great pride or utter disappoint in your latest effort in a life long quest for the perfect boogie which happens to be my latest effort in a life long quest for the perfect hate.

...You are hosting a meeting with mostly those young whippersnappers and try to connect with the young “professionals” and think to yourself, what better way to connect with a younger generation than to make a self deprecating comment referencing my baldness such as “when I’m writing up here on the board, please don’t be distracted by the glare off my head”, let the hilarity ensue and let the hatred begin.

...You are hosting a meeting with such a mundane subject matter like the results from your employee satisfaction survey or new ethics policy and instead of treating the subject matter as it should be, a waste of time, you are unnaturally excited, almost to the point of creepily excited, but recognizing this disturbing trend you state that you’ve had too much caffeine this morning as if that’s a way to validate an almost orgasmic level of excitement for my new reason for hating you.